Shammah House Children’s Home


In February 2020, Jonathan’s Impact began supporting the Shammah Children’s Home which is located in Waterfalls, about 10km south of the Harare CBD.  Like the Chileleko Children’s Home, Shammah Children’s Home is also founded by Hands of Hope of San Jose, CA.  The home has 9 children. Here is a summary of the home:

Shammah Children’s Home is a place for the orphaned and vulnerable children of our society. Shammah Children’s Home provides shelter, love, and great care to 9 lovely children. As Shammah parents we believe in raising children under a family environment which is guided by Christian values and principles.

Jonathan's Impact - Shammah kids going to school

Current Shammah kids going to school

Today the home cares for the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of all the children in our care.  Our children have come from a variety of difficult backgrounds and we continue to believe in providing healing upon each and every one of them. Most of our children have been sexually, emotionally, and/or physically abused, and some were abandoned by their parents. Most of our teenagers need counseling due to the trauma they have gone through in life.  Apart from providing shelter, school fees, and food, as Shammah parents, we actively focus on the emotional healing of our children through professional counseling and our daily family devotions where we find a place to connect with each and every child as we teach them the word of God. We also engage social workers, professional counselors, and the help of our Christian friends to help our children to accept and deal with the trauma they have gone through in life. As a couple leading the Shammah home, we are also going through some counseling training with Christian Counseling Centre. This two-year course will greatly help us on how best to handle and deal with the children in our care at Shammah Children’s Home.

At Shammah Children’s Home, we always envision a happy family which is anchored in the faith of God, and we shall always continue to focus our energies in creating and nurturing opportunities for all the children in our care to grow and develop intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and socially.


Shammah Children’s Home is run by Pastor Daniel Munetsi and his wife Miriam. This lovely and blessed couple serve as directors and house parents of Shammah Children’s Home. The Shammah directors are assisted by three full time caregivers, a gardener and at times dedicated volunteers. Daniel and Miriam Munetsi are under the leadership of Faith Ministries Church and they are pastoring the Mbare church. The directors report to a set voluntary board which helps to run the home. Shammah leadership closely works with the Department of Social Welfare. All the children under the care of Shammah Children’s Home have been placed in our care by the Department of  Social Welfare. The greatest desire of this governance board is to protect, care and provide for the well-being of our children for them to grow to be responsible citizens of our nation.


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