Our Projects


Jonathan’s Impact is investing in revenue producing agricultural projects to facilitate the development of financial self-sufficiency for the Chileleko Home. Tonderai Gotora, a Zimbabwean agronomist and member of Global Life Foundation Church, has agreed to dedicate the revenues of one to three hectares of farmland for the support of the children. Jonathan’s Impact has made significant investments in the start-up of this project, including donating the irrigation system, putting lines in place for electricity, paying the salaries of farm laborers, and purchasing seed, fertilizer, and necessary chemicals for crop growth.

Agricultural projects are also underway on the grounds of the Chileleko Home. These projects include growing rabbits, chickens, and crops for consumption by the children and staff.



Jonathan’s Impact has a savings plan in place for the financing of post-secondary education for the children of Chileleko. It is our vision and hope that all the children have the opportunity to pursue the career that they desire and become productive members of society.

I. VISION – To provide a pathway to a hope and a future for each child in the care of the haomes supported by Jonathan’s Impact, which in 2020 are the Chileleko Children’s Home and Shammah House. This vision is based on Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

II. MISSION – In recognition of the reality that a teen or young adult is not ready or able to be self-sustaining at the completion of high school, Jonathan’s Impact will work collaboratively with the Zimbabwean Ministry Teams for each home (specifically, in 2020, Global Life Foundation and Shammah House) to provide an aging out plan which includes provision of housing and postsecondary education for each child in the home. This education will be individualized to the skills and abilities of each child, so that enrollment in a trade school, polytechnic school, or undergraduate college degree program will be provided. Graduate level college education will not be provided. This plan is dependent upon the availability of funds.

A. THE CONTRIBUTION OF JONATHAN’S IMPACT – Jonathan’s Impact will endeavor to provide for the cost of tuition and additional costs associated with education, such as alaptop, books, and transportation.

B. THE CONTRIBUTION OF GLOBAL LIFE FOUNDATION AND SHAMMAH HOUSE – The Zimbabwean Ministry Teams will provide for the food and housing for each student as he or she completes his/her postsecondary education, whether the young adult continues to live in Shammah House or the Chileleko Home or transfers as a foster child to the home of a church member. Recognizing that the young adult will need time to get a job and develop stability after completing his/her postsecondary education, the Zimbabwean ministry team will continue to provide housing and sustenance to each orphan until that young adult gets a job and is able to secure a place to live. This provision of housing and sustenance after completion of postsecondary education will be for up to one year, as needed, though the young adult will be encouraged and guided to make this transition in a shorter time frame.

III. PLANNING – Recognizing that the financial cost and commitment necessary to make this provision for each orphan a reality will be great, Jonathan’s Impact will regularly communicate to its supporters the needs associated with the aging out plan so that funds may be raised. As funds permit, Jonathan’s Impact will contribute each year to a savings plan for postsecondary education. Recognizing equally the great commitment and personal sacrifice that will be needed for the Zimbabwean ministry team and church members to provide housing and support for each orphan as he or she ages into adulthood, the Zimbabwean ministry teams will develop a plan of communication in which the church members are apprised of the needs associated with the aging out plan and an effort is made to garner their support. An orphan’s need for aging out assistance will be communicated a minimum of a year in advance of the time that the assistance is needed.


A. To enter into the postsecondary education program, the teen or young adult must be a resident of the home which is supported by Jonathan’s Impact or a dependent biological child of the home director.
B. To continue in the program, the participant must:

1. Make passing grades. The home director or participant will send to Jonathan’s Impact the grade report for each semester. If the student fails a semester, tuition will be provided for one more semester to give the student the opportunity to improve his or her grades. If the student fails two semesters, tuition support will no longer be provided.
2. If the participant fails two semesters of college or trade school and would like to pursue a less demanding educational path, Jonathan’s Impact and the Zimbabwean ministry teams will collaboratively make the decision to invest in another school for the student.
3. Jonathan’s Impact will pay for 4.5 years of education for college students. If the student decides to change his/her major, the student should consider that only 4.5 years of tuition costs will be covered by Jonathan’s Impact.
4. The participant must be responsible, well behaved, and respectful to the Zimbabwean ministry staff. Engagement of illegal activities is prohibited. Commission of a crime will result in termination from the program.