CHILD SPONSORSHIP – Several children need sponsors.

Through sponsorship of a child at the Chileleko Children’s Home, and/or the Shammah Children’s Home, you will have the opportunity to not only provide for the child financially, but to communicate with the child via letter at least once yearly and take a mission trip with us to visit the child in Zimbabwe, if you desire to do so. This connection could be transformational for your sponsored child, as well as for you and your family. We have found through years of doing the sponsorship program that bringing the children letters from and pictures of their sponsors on the yearly mission trip is always the highlight of the trip. The children love receiving letters and pictures and enjoy writing back. Several of the children do not have sponsors and are in need of one. The needs of the child are always met regardless of whether the child has a sponsor, but the sponsorship program allows each child to develop a relationship with the person supporting him or her.

You may choose the level of sponsorship for your child. Sponsorship for one child is accepted in $25 a month increments, up to $200 per month. The money donated helps to cover the total cost of care for the child, which includes pay for the housemothers at the home, utilities, clothing, food, medication, transportation, education, and any other needs that the child may have.

If you would like to sponsor a child, you may email Cassy at or call her at 985-273-9822. You may also email Steve at or call him at 985-249-1612. You may also donate through the website and indicate in the comments section which that you would like to sponsor a child. Of course, if you prefer not to sponsor a child, but to donate to the support of the home, we welcome and greatly appreciate your contributions.

Here are some letters written from the Chileleko home. Click on the letters to read them.